Garden Furniture

It is in the gardens of Pompeii that the oldest examples of garden furniture have been found. There are different types of garden furniture that modern homeowners adopt today. As far as seating arrangements with Rattan garden furniture or any other furniture is concerned, it usually consists of chairs, a table as well as a parasol which are all sold as part of the patio set. For the purpose of eating outdoors, a picnic table is used. Garden hammocks too are a great attraction. Some of the most common items are long chairs which are also referred as chaise lounges.

Extend living to the outdoors:

As far as temperature control is concerned, specialized umbrellas are available to protect you from the sun. The American ‘garden umbrella’ or the British ‘garden parasols’ are the terms used for the specialized garden umbrellas designed to provide shade. Some of the parasols are centered through a hole in the middle of the table, and some of them are movable around the seating and the tables.

Other parasols are secured with a built in mount in the paving and a weighted base. To enable people to sit around the table in the cold weather, patio heaters can be used. These can be mounted for permanent use on the patio roofs and eaves. Natural gas, propane, small units of bottled butane, electricity etc. can be used to operate the heaters. To extend living in the outdoors portable fire bowls and modular outdoor fire pits are widely available in different materials. Garden hammocks help in generating extra appeal to your garden.

Materials types:

Wrought iron, teak, wicker, plastic, and aluminum are the most commonly used materials in the commonly sold patio sets. Teak garden furniture has to be treated periodically as it is exposed to elements like heat, rain and snow that take a toll on the grain, color and texture. As far as outdoor teak garden furniture is concerned, the components are the most common ones adopted in the wooden garden furniture range. Teak is resistant to various chemicals as well as fungal decay that sets in due to the many effects of water, leading to warping, rotting and swelling.

One reason for its resistance ability is that teak naturally contains silica. This wood is also resistant to alkalis and acids and to help the wood resist adverse effects of being in the outside and resist weather, there are certain specific oils available for application on the wood. The most long lasting type of furniture is the robust aluminum garden furniture. However, this furniture can corrode over a period of time if the protective coating is compromised.

Throughout the year you can keep plastic garden furniture outdoors as it is naturally water proof. Two types of materials are used to make wicker outdoor living furniture. Originally the stems of any one of the hundreds of species of palms found in the tropical regions were used to make Rattan garden furniture. Stems of the palms are still woven tight to panels that interlock with each other to create the desired structure. Synthetic resin is used to make the modern wicker furniture. By using synthetic resin, the manufacturing costs are reduced and the life expectancy of the furniture increases.