Cast Garden Furniture For the All Season Garden

Gardens are not just fair weather milieus. They carry on in all kinds of weather and in every season. When it is time to choose garden furnishings, the furniture needs to be up to the task of withstanding blistering sun, saturating fog, drenching rain and blustering wind. Consider cast garden furniture for this all season job. Cast from the enduring metals of the earth, it will withstand extremes of temperature and humidity year after year.

Cast garden fittings come in either aluminum or iron. In both, the casting is done by pouring molten metal into molds and allowing it to cool. Casting allows for multi-dimensional designs that are not easily duplicated by other methods. Both aluminum and iron have their own unique benefits.

Cast iron is heavy and ideally suited for items like garden benches where stability is of paramount importance. Popular since the 1800s, cast iron furnishing lends a touch of the historic or the romantic to any established lawn. It is also admired for lawn accessory items such as birdbaths, sundials, and fountains.

An increasingly popular preference is cast aluminum fittings. Its lighter weight makes it practical for garden furniture that is moved frequently, such as chairs and chaise lounges. Moreover, it never rusts. It comes in a wide selection of styles. Some mimic the traditionally ornate iron garden furniture, but sleeker contemporary and striking international designer looks are also stylish and open up new decorating options.

In fact, cast furniture is so durable and well designed that it is no longer relegated to the garden. It adapts especially well for use on balconies or at patio bars where sturdy furnishings mix handsomely with relaxed entertaining. It is equally at home on pool side decks where it resists rust and withstands the sun’s ultra-violet rays. Since metal does not fade in direct sunlight, it is a good choice for furniture in a conservatory or on a sun porch.

As great as it may look, looks aren’t everything. High maintenance materials could easily defeat the main purposes of lawn furnishings-recreation and relaxation. Fortunately, metal performs like a champion in this area too. The powder coat sealant on most furniture cleans easily with mild soap and a rinse from the hose. In most climates, it does not even require special winter storage.

High style, low maintenance, solid stability, and easy enjoyment make cast garden furniture an enduring value that is sure to add a special touch to your home and lawn.